2014 Changes to Boys Tball

OPYBS is excited to announce the following changes to our Boys Baseball program. Effective with our upcoming 2014 season, boys who are age 5 by 8/31/13 and who are currently in kindergarten will be eligible to play tball. The tball league will include boys up to age 7 as of April 30, 2014 and will use a RIF ball.

Boys who are 8 years old as of April 30, 2014 will now play in our Pinto league. The Pinto league will be machine pitch and use a hardball. Coaches and league officials will meet mid season to assess the possibility of moving to a kid pitch/machine pitch hybrid for the second half of the season. The Sunday Pinto hitting league from years prior will now be replaced with a Pinto Pitching Academy to help facilitate and improve the pitching skills of the 8 year olds.

In order to further explain the new structure to our boys program, OPYBS will be holding a “town hall” meeting on Thursday, December 12th at 7pm in the Veteran's Room of the Main Library.

If you have any questions, please email Kim Allgood, VP Baseball, vpbaseball@opybs.org.