2014 Jr. Bronco and Bronco Tryouts

March 1, 2014 and March 9, 2014

Held at The MAX (McCook Athletic & Exposition)
4750 Vernon Ave.
McCook, IL 60525

Players should arrive as they would to practice….

We will provide bats and helmets, but kids are welcome and encouraged to bring their own if they would like [make sure names are on everything!] and parents should go through gear prior to leaving the facility to make sure they have everything they came with.

Bring cleats and gym shoes, the kids can wear either, their choice, whichever is most comfortable…

March 1:

Jr. Bronco sign in/registration:
8am - 8:30am A-Z
Tryouts A-Z: 8:30am - 11am

Bronco sign in/registration:
10:30 - 11am A-Z
Tryouts A-Z: 11 am - 1pm

March 9:

Jr. Bronco sign in/registration:
4:30 - 5pm A-Z
Tryouts A-Z: 5 - 7pm

Bronco sign in/registration:
5:30 - 6pm A-Z
Tryouts A-Z: 6 - 8pm

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For questions contact:
Kim Allgood, Baseball Vice President, vpbaseball@opybs.org
Gary Nieslawski, Bronco League President, garynies@sbcglobal.net
Jacob Lofgren, Jr. Bronco League President, jjtj1@me.com