OPYBS Softball Rules

OPYBS Softball utilizes the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) Fastpitch Softball Rules Book. The 14th Edition (2017) of this book is available on-line.

USSSA also publishes an “Interpretations” page with official clarifications of these rules, available on-line.

New in 2012, OPYBS has created a “Rules FAQ”—developed from experience in recent house league seasons, this document references the USSSA rules to cover some of the most commonly asked questions and most commonly misunderstood rules in our house league games.

All OPYBS Softball Coaches should be familiar with both the House League rules for their league, as well as having a basic understanding of the USSSA rules. The Interpretations and FAQ pages are designed to be helpful in providing a short form for the rules.

Each OPYBS league also has its own “House League” rules book. The rules listed in these books supercede other USSSA rules, and in conjunction with USSSA rules are the official rules for that league. Please note that our in-house T-Ball rules are largely self-contained, and that USSSA rules are only used in areas not covered in the T-Ball rules book.

Since our 14U league works with neighboring villages they will utilize IHSA rules, modified for house league play as follows:

In all games across all leagues, the umpire’s decision is final on every ruling. Coaches may ask an umpire to clarify a ruling, but should not argue with umpires over rulings or calls. Parents, players and other observers should go through the coach if there is a question or comment for an umpire.

After a game is played, any questions on the rules may be addressed by the coach to the Umpires’ Committee.

League Standings and Schedule

Please visit your team’s TeamSnap page to view the latest league standings and schedule.