Players born between 9/1/2010 and 8/31/2012.


Due to the number of players, wide range of skill level, and player safety, we have two different leagues for this age level. Shetland - a league for beginners and lower skill level and Bronco - a league for players whose skill is more advanced. A player who wishes to play in the more advanced league, Bronco, must attend a Bronco evaluation and have their skill level evaluated. Any player that is not selected for a Bronco team will be automatically rostered on a Shetland team. A player who has no desire to play for a Bronco team does not need to attend evaluations, and will automatically be rostered on a Shetland team.

Bronco Evaluations

Evaluations take place in early March over two weekends. Your player must attend at least one evaluation, and we ask that they attend both to give your player the best opportunity of being placed on the team that will advance their development. They will be evaluated on the basic skills of catching, fielding, throwing, hitting and pitching.


Games are six innings. Games typically last between 90 and 120 minutes. Gameplay tracks Major League Baseball rules.

Time Commitment

Time commitment is approximately 4 to 6 hours/week between games and practices.

How Teams are Made

Bronco teams are drafted by the Bronco coaches following the evaluations. Those players who are not selected for a Bronco team, and those players who choose not to tryout for Bronco, are automatically rostered on a Shetland team. Shetland teams are formed taking into account age, skill level, school, and to a lesser extent, teammate requests.

Coaches - Please volunteer

Our entire baseball and softball organization is composed of volunteers. Last year, our organization had over 300 volunteer coaches. The skill level of our coaches ranges from “former professional player” to “never played.” All of our volunteer coaches must pass a background check and take a Safe Sport Certification. We offer help and guidance for coaches who have little to no experience. Some of our very best coaches have no experience but are great human beings who understand what it means to be a leader and make a fun and rewarding experience for their players. Contact the VP of Baseball for more information.

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League Standings and Schedule

League Schedule
Baseball Standings

League Presidents

Bronco: Tim Senechalle
Shetland: Patrick Woodward