Players born in 2014 and 2015.


8U Softball is a hybrid kid/coach pitch league, consisting of 14 regular season games followed by a single elimination tournament. Transitioning a player from t-ball to kid pitch can be very challenging. This league aims to make that challenge easier by gradually transitioning kids from hitting a softball off a coach to full kid pitch softball. As the season progresses, we will add in more kid-pitching in the hopes to be playing full kid pitch softball by the end of the season. Teams will be formed mid-late March with the season approximately lasting from early April to the mid-June.


Games are six innings with 5-run limits per inning. Games typically last between 90 and 120 minutes. Oak Park is a large community, so the skill level will be wide ranging, but coaches will focus on teaching fundamentals. The 8U league will use an 11-inch softball, bases at 60 feet, and the pitchers mound set at 30 feet.

Time Commitment

Time commitment is approximately 4 to 6 hours/week between games and practices.

How Teams are Made

While we can’t promise honoring teammate requests, we try to do our best at this age level. Please don’t hesitate during registration to request a teammate or two as we try to create teams with a competitive balance of second and third graders. We typically honor over 80 percent of requests. This is the last softball league teammate requests are honored.

Coaches - Please volunteer

Our entire baseball and softball organization is composed of volunteers. Last year, our organization had over 300 volunteer coaches. The skill level of our coaches ranges from “former professional player” to “never played.” All of our volunteer coaches must pass a background check and take a Safe Sport Certification. We offer help and guidance for all of our volunteer coaches through coaching clinics held in the spring, along with online resources. We support all coaches who understand what it means to be a leader and make a fun and rewarding experience for their players. Contact the VP of Softball for more information.

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