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For 2022, girls born in 2013 are eligible for 8U. In the Softball program, girls may “play up” to the next level with permission from the VP of Softball. Girls may not play down, except in cases of developmental or physical disability. However, for this season only, players with 2012 birth years will be allowed to play 8U with approval from the VP of Softball: vpsoftball@opybs.org.

The 8U league is competitive, but the primary focus is on developing and improving fundamental skills, including introducing pitching and hitting a pitched ball. It is a transitional league out of T-Ball for girls who would benefit from further basic skill development and easing in to pitching and hitting a pitched ball. The league is also appropriate for new and experienced players in this age range.

This league uses an 11” standard softball and a combination of player and coach pitch to teach players to hit a ball in motion. Bases in this league are at a 60’ distance. There are no walks in 8U. If a pitcher fails to throw strikes, the coach is employed to keep the game moving.

There is a 12 game regular season starting in April and extending in to June, followed by a double-elimination playoff schedule and culminating with three-game Village Championship Series. There is also an All-Star Game. Regular season games are scheduled on weeknights (6pm) and during the day on Saturdays. They are typically played at Maple North. Additional/alternate times and fields may be added as space, time and weather permit.

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