OPYBS Softball Program:

Welcome to the Oak Park Youth Softball Program! Since the early 1980’s, we have provided girls, ages 5 through 14, the opportunity to learn and love the game of Softball in and around Oak Park, IL. In 2019 we served almost 550 girls and provided them with unparalleled instruction and fun!

Our critical partnerships with nearby Concordia University Chicago, Fenwick High School, Oak Park River Forest High School and the Park District of Oak Park have elevated the level and quality of play in each of our House League programs.

Our army of volunteer coaches, fundraisers, and administrative personnel, lead the way as we strive for transparency and fairness in all we do. We seek positive experiences for all of our players which may mean striving for excellence in skills development; understanding the game we love at a greater level; or simply forming new friendships.

Continued development of Coaches’ Manuals and increased availability of expert advice is a hallmark of our program.

The OPYBS Softball program offers the following Leagues and Programs:

Please click on the associated links to learn specifics of each League and Program. See below for league summary.

Softball League Summary

Before we begin our 2022 Spring Season, OPYBS has provided the following chart to help understand the basics of what to expect in each league. This will also let parents better understand the league and age progression for softball.

OPYBS is a birthyear based organization, thus all leagues are organized based upon the players league age (players age as as January 1) and not school grade. To avoid confusion, starting in 2022, 9U will be recategorized as 8U as it has always been a league of mostly league age 8 players (league rules will remain unchanged).

League Tee Ball 8U (1) 10U 12U 14U
Pitching Distance NA 30’ 35’ 40’ 43’
Ball Size 11” (Soft) 11” 11” 12” 12”
Base Spacing 50’ 60’ 60’ 60’ 60’
Number of Outfielders 4 4 3 3 3
Number of innings 5 5 6 6 7
Max Runs per Inning 5 4 4 4 4
Walks NA No Yes Yes Yes
Coach Pitch after 4 Balls NA Yes No No No
Pitcher Inning Limit NA 2 3 4 (2) 4
Stealing No No Yes (3) Yes Yes
Drop 3rd Strike NA No No Yes (2) Yes
Infield Participation Rule Yes Yes Yes No No
Spring 2022 Season
Birth Years/(League Age)
2014 (7)
2015 (6)
2016 (5)
2012 (9)**
2013 (8)
2011 (10)
2012 (9)
2009 (12)
2010 (11)
2007 (14)
2008 (13)
Spring 2023 Season
Birth Years/(League Age)
2016 (6)
2017 (5)
2014 (8)
2015 (7)
2012 (10)
2013 (9)
2010 (12)
2011 (11)
2008 (14)
2009 (13)

Note (1): 9U will be recategorized as 8U starting in the 2022 Spring season
Note (2): 12U for 2021 has 3 inning Pitching Limit and No Drop 3rd to align with RFYBS combined league
Note (3): Stealing in 10U is after the ball crosses the plate and only one base at a time with no stealing home
Note (**): 2012 Birthdays for 2022 Season will require approval to play 8U

League Standings and Schedule

League Schedule
Softball Standings