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Girls born in 2014 (born after January 1 and in second grade), 2015, and 2016 (if currently enrolled in Kindergarten) are eligible for T-ball in 2022.

League Details

This league uses an 11” Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) ball hit off of a tee. Bases in this league are at a 50’ distance. There is a continuous batting order and girls play multiple innings in the field every game. Players typically rotate through many positions over the course of the season, factoring in safety and skill level, to expose them to the roles of different fielding positions.

About 160 girls formed 12 teams in Girls T-Ball for the 2021 season. There is a 16 game regular season starting in April and extending in to June. Games are scheduled on weeknights (6pm) and during the day on Saturdays. They are typically played at Whittier Elementary School and Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School fields. Additional/alternate times and fields may be added as space, time and weather permit.

While T-Ball is primarily an instructional league and the focus is on development of fundamentals, there are many competitive elements. There is a full playoff schedule every team qualifies for, a best-of-three Village Championship Series, and an All-Star Game.

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League Standings and Schedule

League Schedule
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League President

Nick Nichols