Softball Coaches’ Manual

The following links contain the OPYBS Softball Coaches’ Manual, along with addendums and useful links to other sources on the web.

This Coaches’ Manual is intended as a tool for OPYBS Softball Coaches. Our primary philosophy at OPYBS is to help the girls in our leagues develop as players in whatever time they spend on our teams. This includes improving at softball skills, developing life skills through sports and teamwork, and having fun while doing it. We also hope to increase the amount of time that each girl is interested in playing softball, giving our players good opportunities to compete as they move up through each level to the best of their abilities. If we can give the girls a good softball experience, make it fun, and help them to continue learning, we hope that an ever-increasing number of girls will stay with the OPYBS program to our highest age brackets.

From the coaching perspective, we fully realize that coaching requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But it is also supposed to be enjoyable, rewarding and fun! This manual provides suggestions that we hope will help you get more out of coaching, and make the tasks easier and more rewarding.

Over the past years, there was an increasing realization that we need to provide more resources for our volunteer coaches, leading to the idea of both an instruction committee and a Coaches’ Manual. The intent is to assist new coaches, who may need help to be a better mentor, and to provide some new or different ideas to veteran coaches. This manual will go through regular updates, and we hope that all of our coaches consider contributing to future versions.

Parents are also welcome to use this manual as a reference tool when working with your own daughters at home.

Current links are to the 2012 Second Edition. For this edition, changes were made to the main manual, along with the addition of Appendices 11-13.

For questions about this Coaches’ Manual, please email Softball Director of Instruction Brian Endless.

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