OPYBS Scholarship Program

Oak Park Youth Baseball/Softball (OPYBS) has created a scholarship program to aid parents who may need assistance with registration fees. This includes full and partial scholarships for registration fees, based on expressed financial need. By a vote of the OPYBS Board of Directors, up to 2.5% of annual revenue will be provided for scholarships each year.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

Those seeking a scholarship must explain the nature of the hardship and/or provide documentation supporting the request. Specifically, to be eligible for a scholarship, the following information must be provided to the OPYBS Treasurer.

How to Apply for a Scholarship:

To ensure proper due diligence, every scholarship request is examined and assessed on its own merit.

Terms and Conditions:

If the scholarship request is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:

Please contact the OPYBS Board President with any questions (president@opybs.org)

League Standings and Schedule

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